Over the last two decades, Port St. Joe, Florida weathered a hurricane of change, and became one of north Florida's most popular small-town vacation destinations. A sense of community exists here that is unusually strong. It's what makes Port St. Joe, Florida such a great place to live, work, play...and visit!

If your family is planning a visit to Port St. Joe, Florida, then congratulations -- you are in for the time of your life! Chances are, you are also looking for a local photographer to capture the special occasion.

To select a photographer for ANY special family event, several things should be considered.
  • Is the person you are considering a full-time professional photographer?
  • Is the photographer experienced in dealing with the challenges of beach photography?
  • Does the photographer have the right equipment for the job?
  • Is the photographer familiar with the Port St. Joe, Florida area and the venue opportunities it provides?
  • Does the photographer offer custom packages to fit what YOUR family needs?
  • Are the photographer's rates reasonable?

But just as important are the FUN things...

  • Will everyone in your family, from elderly family members to the youngest of your children, fall in love with the photographer?
  • Do you want the photo session to be fun, entertaining and as memorable as the photos themselves?
  • Is the photographer's name Sweetie? :-)
"Sweetie" Lamberson
"I would like to offer your family my services for your family's visit. My work -- a sample of which is displayed on this website -- speaks for itself, but you can only experience my friendly, outgoing "down-home" personality if you give me a call. As many others will attest, I can make your Port St. Joe, Florida photo session as enjoyable as the rest of your family's visit."

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